Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Living in Atlanta

Back in June we packed up all our belongings and headed East to Atlanta.  We've been here about a month and are feeling pretty settled.  We made sure we were here and ready to unpack the first week of July so that we would be really settled before Charles started his new job.  And while it was a lot of work those first couple weeks it is so nice to feel like we are settled in and living in our new home.  Once we finished unpacking we spent a week in Wyoming with the Watson family and the Schmidt family to celebrate Charles' parents birthdays.  It was so much fun - another post on that will be coming shortly.  Charles started work this week and I am in the early stages of the job hunt.  If you have any job leads/ideas/tips for me, please share!

I know many of you have been asking for pictures of our new home - so here they are:

Front of the house

Living room from front door, and Lola

View of living room from dining room

Dining Room


Master Bedroom from doorway

Master bedroom looking out

Hall/Master bath

Guest room (ready for visitors!)

Guest bedroom/office area

Guest bathroom

Backyard deck
Hopefully I will be posting a little more regularly again.  I hope.